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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Priorities - Energetics of Clean Fresh Food

In ruminating on what I wrote a few days ago, it occurred to me that instead of summarizing key points from the book, I will leave it up to you to read the book itself to gather these salient points. The book is expressly priced low to make it very available.   

Meanwhile, I will be further reviewing the relevance of the Petkau Effect and the energetics of un-modified and un-pesticided foods, and then see about writing down some notes about that.  

For the moment, the most helpful suggestion is to apply the fact that the energetics of clean and fresh food is of utmost importance when you are considering how to protect yourself from our polluted world. Food is our medicine; not a bunch of pills. Take into consideration the enormous value of a greenhouse with clean rich soil and filtered water; and also a shared garden with friends.  Until later with other details of interest.

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